Thursday, May 5, 2011

damn faker !

There is a FAKER using my photo on facebook. I guess quite a lot of girls face the same problem with me. Someone create FB account by using your photo. I totally got no idea about why they wanna do that. What’s the problem with using their own photo? Sigh. There are few people IM me about someone is faking me on past few months but I couldn’t find anyone named “Farah Farisha” so I just ignore it. But there’s another boy post it on my wall again. So yea, I try to use my brother’s account to search for her and I found it! She’s clever, she blocked my account so that I wont be able to find her.

Are you really ugly to an extent that you're so deprived of praises that you had to use this method to find consolation for yourself? stupido !