Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now, i know !

Now, i know he really really love me. hee. shame lalala :->
semalam saye dah nampak yang dia betul betul sayangkan saye. meh cini nak bagitau, smlam dye nangis banyak kali. cian taw. dye ckp dye memang sayangkan saye. cintekan saye. hehe. comel kan. susah tw nak tengok dye cam tu. tapi diam diam je tw. jangan bagitau orang lain yang dia nanges. nnt dy majok ngan tite. hehe. However ,he is a verrry nice guy and is afraid to hurt my feeling. He is the only thing i want and he's everything I need. He's the only thing i've think of at night and in my dreams. Trust me, i dreamt of him every single time I sleep, no kidding. Heck, i'm a romantic when I love someone like really really love which doesn't happen often though. A rarity that is. Even though, it might seem so foolish of me to keep waiting for him but the truth is i'm not. An actual fool is one who give up on the person they love. I've been that fool and i'm over it. I still have faith as i've made mistakes in the past of just walking away in despair. I will stop doing that yet i'll try to hold on as long as i could, who knows I might actually break the curse i'm binded to. Truth is, i've never feel anything like i've felt with him so i guess it's something worth cherishing for. And I'm not open for relationships anytime soon as obviously my heart is still with ..