Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Love you so much

You know how much it hurts to know that you lost someone you love because that someone you love just recently love someone else. Excruciating pain isn't it? That right there you collapsed and your heart are broken into tiny little pieces and that you cry so hard because it hurts so bad and then you suffocate? He's your everything, he's your world, he's the love of your life, he's your forever, he's your funny. If you're going through all this or if you've gone through all this then you know how it feels. This is precisely what happened to me. My whole break down that I really feel like dying because i for one am not the kind of person that love or fall for someone that easily, clearly. So, it affected me badly. I know how you feel if you're feeling it too and I know you'd think that it won't get better or that no one understands you, but I do. All this shit that's happened to me made me realize i've forgotten who I am, love has made me forgotten who I am, he has made me forgotten who i am. Anythings i will do, only just for you. Only you :'(

And every night I pray to God that the things you say are true, because ''I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose you''. Truth be told, I miss you. It's rather odd to see myself like this over a guy. I guess he's not just some guy to me.We've known each other for almost a year now, but it only seems like yesterday. I remember talking to him on my land line for long hours. I remember how his face looks like when he sulk or when he's mad, charming as ever. I remember him being the guy making me smile right after he made me frown. How those little things he did once before made my day. I remember his voice and how he spoke to me. I remember his everyday word, his every touch and his every kiss. I remember every little details of him since we first met. That's legendary since my memory is always so wanky.I am the happiest when I'm with him. I always put him first before myself. Though we drift away I'm glad that we're once in love. I'm glad he was mine and I was his. Truth is though I hold the key to my heart, I'm always his.

To live is to do one thing a day that scares you and so I did, loving you that is.
I still love you though , always have and always will.