Thursday, March 18, 2010


i'm so sad right now. really really upset. i really need someone that would love to spent their ears for me. but it seems like no one will never understand what i'm feeling like. so hard to face the life. a lil bit embrassing, feeling stupid, useless and not knowing what will i be in the future. they're all mix. combine. get me feeling so wrong. and i run of words. too sad. and make me speechless! yeahh, i feel so empty right now. lost in my own world! currently, i dont know what i want in my life. hmmm i dont know. i've lost my inspiration. juz membazirkan mase aku jela pikir bende bende cam nih! please! i will be gila babi you know. can someone be my inspiration please? i dont know what's the next move will be. have no idea what to do with this anymore. so knee-deep in probs. let God decides everything for me. just go with the flow. and insyaallah everything will get into places. amiiin.