Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Flashing Back.

Huh, what she's talking about? haha. Whatever!

My Mother.

Old friends. I dunno where they're now .

My Brother. Distrubing me !

She's is "gelojoh" girl. Haha. Now, tak eh. Sopan santun je :DD

Study group since 2 years old. Haha, blah ! :D

I wanna to wear some ' Baju Kurung' but have no size :(
Jealous wif my bro who can wear baju melayu & songkok' as well .
I just bite my finger. Grrr ! :D


From left : Faiz ( my brother), Agus ( cousin) & Me

At kotaRaya, Johor Bahru.

Me & my cousin, Maya.

Working uniform :D

Let's 'REMP-IT '. Haha

Boyfriends :DD

Exercise only :D

Ouh, no comment ! hee

Sayang, I " GANAS " kan ? hehe