Saturday, June 13, 2009

thanks god

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Sumtin Dat I Wanna Share Together Wif u BABY

u my sweet love,

i miss ever so much.

The softness of ur lips,

n ur warm loving touch.

Whenever were together,

My spirit is such aglow.

u always color my world,

Like a smarties (hihihi).

u r the love of my life,

That u'll always be.

The special times we share,

Just mean everything 2 me.

Each time we k***,

There is nothing so sublime.

Always deliciously fresh,

Like the very first time.

Each day i find happiness,

So much joy n laughter.

Knowing that soon we'll be together,

And living happily ever after.


"thanks sayang for all those words.. how shweet u r.. love u beary u to da max! u r simply superb.. muaaaaach.. "

thanks God i found u!

lotsa love,